Soothing Non-Dairy Turmeric Milk

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Not only is this warm drink delicious, it is also soothing for sore throats and stuffy noses. Ginger and turmeric are anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. The black pepper boosts those properties. You can make this with any fresh nut-milk you have on hand or even store bought coconut milk. Make sure you heat it gently to not curdle the milk. Non-Dairy Turmeric Milk 2 cups homemade almond, coconut milk, or any non-dairy milk of your choice 1 teaspoon turmeric 1/4 teaspoon black pepper 1″ piece of ginger sliced raw honey to sweeten, if desired Combine all ingredients and whisk on low heat until milk is warm but not too hot. Serve immediately.

Suzanne HoyemSoothing Non-Dairy Turmeric Milk

Cold and Flu Master Tonic

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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ― Hippocrates I truly believe in the power to heal yourself through food. But sometimes that yearly bug comes around and you want to head straight to the drug store. Stop! make this instead. This tonic is a concentrate of powerful antiseptic, antibiotic, and anti- inflammatory medicine. All found at your grocery store. Make a batch today; it takes a few weeks to infuse properly. Cold and Flu Master Tonic 3 inch piece of fresh ginger root 3 inch piece of fresh horseradish root, peeled 2 large organic white onions, peeled and quartered 3 large heads of garlic, peeled (not 3 cloves….3 HEADS!) 8-10 organic jalapeños (or any hot pepper you prefer), stems removed 1 (32 oz.) bottle raw apple cider vinegar Wash and chop all of the ingredients. Shave the tough outer skin of the horseradish Put everything into … Read More

Suzanne HoyemCold and Flu Master Tonic

Root Vegetable au Gratin with Crispy Leeks

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I’ve been getting so many request for root vegetable recipes. Especially celeriac roots and turnips. Basically, I use them instead of potatoes. You can roast them, you can mash them. They are so versatile. Don’t be afraid of new produce! I created this dish from my Kale Casserole recipe and it was a revelation! Root Vegetable au Gratin with Crispy Leeks Ingredients • 3 tablespoon ghee, melted • 1 cup thinly sliced leeks • 11⁄2 teaspoons Spike Gourmet Natural Seasoning • 2 teaspoons tamari wheat-free soy sauce • 1 each parsnip, celeriac root, turnip, sliced thin Sauce • 1⁄4 cup cashew butter • 1⁄2 cup water • 1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juice • 2 tablespoons nutritional yeast • 1⁄2 teaspoon sea salt Crispy Leeks Ingredients 2 cups thinly sliced leeks (about 2) 2 teaspoons olive oil Pinch of sea salt Directions Preheat oven to 375° F. Peel and slice … Read More

Suzanne HoyemRoot Vegetable au Gratin with Crispy Leeks

Coconut Curried Pumpkin Soup

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My girlfriend on the East Coast just called and asked for a recipe for Pumpkin soup. She always calls me when she wants to make something yummy and healthy. When we were little girls growing up, she used to come over to my house after school and watch me play in the kitchen. I was a latch-key kid and was in charge of making dinner for my brother and my mom. And one of my specialties was soup. So, I took one of my favorite soups and played with it a bit here is the recipe I gave her: Coconut Curried Pumpkin Soup Ingredients 3 cups fresh pumpkin, diced 1 yellow onion, diced 2 tablespoons ghee 1 1/2 tablespoons curry powder 2 teaspoons sea salt 1 quart organic vegetable broth, either — • Store bought (e.g., Pacific Natural Foods)• Homemade • 1 quart water and organic vegetable bouillon cube 2 cups … Read More

Shawn KippCoconut Curried Pumpkin Soup

The Benefits of Meditation

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Is focus an issue? Do you find that you can’t fall asleep at night? Do you get bouts of Anxiety? Don’t worry, you’re not alone…. A busy mind is one of the biggest causes of dis-ease and weight gain. It’s time for you to Relax… Relaxation … Who has time for that? What does that mean? Does that mean watching a movie on television? Does it mean listening to live music at a local bar? (Both of which are entertaining and stimulating — they take us away from ourselves and fill us with euphoria — but I am talking about going into ourselves.) It means making time for YOU. Quiet time. Mindless relaxation. Don’t worry if this sounds like an impossible task. I remember when I felt that way. There are so many ways to get that mindless time. Some call it meditation, and I know that’s a scary word … Read More

Shawn KippThe Benefits of Meditation

What Women Need from Health and Wellness

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Science is a Male Dominated Profession Yet, Women Account for 85% of overall consumer spending including everything from autos to healthcare. 93% Food 93% OTC Pharmaceuticals 92% Vacations 91% of New Homes 89% Bank Accounts 80% Healthcare 66% PCs 65% New Cars 58% of Total Online Spending  (Source: Greenfield Online for Arnold’s Women’s Insight Team) So why are we listening to these men when we are trying to look and feel better? Why are we making them rich on theories of what women want? Why do we buy products that they produce for Women? Just look at them…     Do they look exuberant? Healthy? Lean? in shape? I know for a fact that I have almost 10 years on one of them…..   Healthcare :meaning anything health and wellness is a multi billion dollars industry and predicted to reach $Trillion by 2017       Yet, people are not getting better. people are … Read More

Shawn KippWhat Women Need from Health and Wellness

FAQs about Digestive Bitters

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I am so impressed by how people are evolving in knowledge and interest around their health. As the student gets smarter, so must the teacher. And you guys test me every day. I love it. But sometimes it’s better to take some questions to the experts, so I have asked some of the most frequently asked questions about Digestive Bitters to the genius who formulated them. (See answers below.) Vitality Herbs & Clay: There are so many great questions about health, and the smarter and more educated people are, the healthier they become. So, please allow me to educate you a bit more on Diana Stobo’s Digestive Bitters. Why are digestive bitters different than digestive enzymes?  Digestive enzymes are extracts of plants and other sources, meaning they are not the whole plant, thus the numerous supportive compounds that Nature built into a plant for optimal digestion are not included in the digestive enzyme … Read More

Shawn KippFAQs about Digestive Bitters

Gain to lose on a Cleanse?

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What will you Gain? And what will you lose when doing a cleanse? Really, I mean if you are going to commit 10 days for yourself, what are you going to get out of it? Cleanses are challenging, but on The Naked Challenge you benefit so much: Weight loss. Yes, you will lose weight. Within just a few days, you notice that your pants are looser and your face is far from the puffy version it was before you started. Regularity. To say the least. There is something magical about those fresh enzymes mixed with liquid that makes you a regular machine. I sometimes wonder where it all comes from, but believe it or not, it’s all old material that is being flushed down the toilet for a clean start. Clearer skin. This is one of those things that just creeps up on you. Your skin is your largest organ … Read More

Diana StoboGain to lose on a Cleanse?

The 3 MOST important things you need to know about YOUR F.A.T.

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Make sure you read the whole thing because it will change you in the most positive ways. I want to empower you so that you are no longer waiting for someone to rescue you from your FAT.  You get to be your own champion here, you get to finesse your life in ways that you choose. Because your Fat is your choice, it came to you because you weren’t listening to your body. I’m sorry, but you weren’t.   But nobody taught you how.  In fact everything you have ever read or watched on TV took you out of your body and into the hands of researches who tested most of the information on Lab animals, most of which that were not human. And we listened, because we are good that way.  We like information and we take it in as TRUTH. But what we forgot to do was ask … Read More

Diana StoboThe 3 MOST important things you need to know about YOUR F.A.T.

Best-kept secret in detox and weight loss

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It’s without doubt the best-kept secret in detox and weight loss. And I’m going to share it with you right now. But first, I want you to ask yourself: Are you feeling like you may have had too big of a weekend? Drinking and eating too much, not resting enough? Are you starting your week off a little SLOW? Well, how would you like to shake the cobwebs off? Lose the puffy outer layer. And start fresh tomorrow? GREAT! The SECRET is to drink 1 gallon of water, preferably distilled water, TODAY. There you have it. And this is what happens when you take my advice …  wink wink “So, I took your advice and drank a gallon of water one day last week. It wasn’t easy but it went much better than I anticipated. I decanted the water into 16oz bottles as to not be overwhelmed. Sometimes I would … Read More

Shawn KippBest-kept secret in detox and weight loss